RFA Wave Ruler

RFA Wave Ruler

Wave Ruler is a double-hulled tanker, designed to support the Royal Navy in global operations, which include amphibious warfare and anti-submarine operations.

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She has extensive aviation facilities and can carry an additional eight refrigerated 20ft containers when needed. She has a cargo capacity of 16,000 cubic metres, which include 3,000 cubic metres of aviation fuel, 380 cubic metres of fresh water, and 500 metres of dry cargo. She has a large one spot flight deck, hangar and maintenance facilities capable of supporting two Merlin helicopters. She is fully capable of self-defence, which a defensive fit which includes 30mm cannon and the ability to receive two Phalanx close-in weapon systems (CIWS).

RFA Wave Ruler has been deployed to the Gulf and Indian Ocean; her main activity is patrolling in our pre-defined operating area providing support to the Royal Navy and coalition warships. Wave Ruler provides the fuel and stores that allows these ships to remain operational for extended periods.

This is a demanding environment and the ship never knows what challenges will be faced, whether it is at the operational end of the Service's business, countering piracy, humanitarian relief, medical emergency or evacuating UK and other nationals from troubled areas. 

RFA Wave Ruler’s crew put through their paces


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Current operation FOST Support

The ship has taken up tanker duties in support of Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST). The period working in the FOST areas is an excellent opportunity for training personnel and developing their professional skills, especially those sailing with the RFA for the first time.

Location UK

Four locations are being used around the United Kingdom

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Unit History


In March, Wave Knight and Wave Ruler were ordered from Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd

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