RFA Cardigan Bay

RFA Cardigan Bay

RFA Cardigan Bay is a Bay class ship; highly agile and useful ships that are integral to the delivery of a responsive Royal Navy which can deploy anywhere in the world.

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An adaptation of the Dutch Rotterdam class, the Bay class replaced the ageing ‘Sir’ class of RFA ships.

The Bay class provide major amphibious capability to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, with the ability to embark nearly 400 troops, and carry up to 150 trucks or 24 Challenger tanks.

With a floodable dock at the stern, RFA Cardigan Bay can offload her embarked troops through landing craft or from her large flight deck. The ship can also carry mexeflotes, 120ft-long powered pontoons that can be used to ferry equipment ashore.

Cardigan Bay's large medical department can cope with an enhanced medical team, allowing her to act as a Primary Casualty Receiving Ship at need - a role usually carried out by RFA Argus.

RFA Cardigan Bay returns home

Bay class act as RFA support ship completes mammoth Gulf mission


RFA Cardigan Bay Latest News

Bay-class ships meet up in Souda Bay


Royal Navy’s Gulf force gears up for world’s biggest minehunting exercise

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Current operation Maintenance

Ships, units and aircraft need periods of maintenance and sea-going trials to ensure that they are at their best for any tasks asked of them.

  • Operation Recsyr

    the UK naval contribution to the Danish-led Task Group tasked to execute Operation “RECSYR”, an acronym that stands for “Removal of Chemical weapons from SYRia”

  • Alongside in Devonport

    Alongside in her home port of Devonport Naval Base.

Location Global

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Unit History


RFA Cardigan Bay was launched in 2005 and entered service in 2006; she was the first ship of the class to join the RFA.

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Commanding Officer J P Huxley

Rank: Captain RFA


RFA Cardigan Bay maintains close links with the HMS Cardigan Bay association